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Summer 2020 Update

Thank you all so much for your interest and support since the site was published in September 2019! I took some time to decompress after graduating in December and am now ready to dive back in with new additions to the database. The first addition will be a new searchable table with works for clarinet and piano, which we're aiming to have ready before the Fall 2020 semester starts in August.

Speaking of "we," I'd like to introduce my new accomplice: Anoushka Divekar! Anoushka is a May 2020 graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder with degrees in both Music Education and Clarinet Performance. She is passionate about promoting and performing new works by living and diverse composers. Anoushka and I had known each other in a variety of ensembles at CU but really started collaborating when we decided to perform Honk If You Love Me by Nina Shekhar on the Fall 2019 Diverse Musicians' Alliance concert. This piece is an interdisciplinary work that includes not only clarinet and electronics but also Classical Indian Dance and video footage of busy Indian streets. I had so much fun working on this piece and getting to know Anoushka as a dancer and friend as well as clarinetist and future music educator. Anoushka will be starting her MM at Texas Tech this fall.

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