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Bass Clarinet and Clarinet+Electronics Works Now Live!

The third installment of Clarinet Repertoire is now available just in time for school to start! This edition focuses on works for unaccompanied bass clarinet and any solo clarinet with electronics. We hope you'll find these nearly 200 additional pieces helpful as you are searching for jury repertoire and programming recitals for the coming year.

After spending the spring semester focusing on teaching and school and a couple weeks in May to relax, we decided it was time to start in on another update and expansion of Clarinet Repertoire. We met in June outside in a park, because that's what people do in Colorado, and talked about what we thought would be most helpful to clarinetists looking for repertoire right now and what we felt we could get done during the summer. Because last school year was so intense trying to teach and learn during the pandemic, we both decided it was important to have boundaries with our summer work and limit how much we add this year. After many jokes (and the occasional serious comment), we decided that expanding the unaccompanied section to include bass clarinet works and adding pieces written for solo clarinet performer and electronics of some kind would be a good direction to go.

We've spent the summer working to confirm the information we published with composers or their representatives. We only included unconfirmed works if there was a clear way to purchase the piece and financially support the composer. Financially supporting composers by purchasing, and better yet commissioning, their work is vitally important, so make sure to buy available works and reach out to enquire about having a new piece written!

As always, thank you for supporting us and these phenomenal composers. Feel free to send us a message with feedback or letting us know what you'd like us to add next on the contact page.

-Maggie and Anoushka

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