We have worked to confirm the information on pieces in the following tables with each composer or that composer's publisher, management, or representative. If the piece has been confirmed, it is marked with an asterisk.

Some works have been orchestrated for instruments other than the clarinet and are noted in parentheses. When a work requires a single performer to double on multiple instruments, that is noted with a "+" sign between instruments for that performer.

Unaccompanied repertoire does not include any works with electronics. Some works do require the clarinetist to play multiple instruments, but all works require only one performer. The only clarinets included are B-flat, A, and G clarinets. Solo E-flat and Bass clarinet repertoire will be added in a future update.

Clarinet and piano duo repertoire only requires two performers on stage. When multiple instruments are listed, that is because at least one performer is doubling.