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Welcome to Clarinet Repertoire!

Clarinet Repertoire is an ongoing project meant to promote gender diversity in clarinet recital programming. This project started as a dissertation narrowly focused on unaccompanied works written for the clarinet by women composers since 1989. It is now expanding to include more composers with with marginalized gender identities and an expansion of instrumentation. Future updates to add more pieces will usually happen in the summer months. For the most recent information, check out the blog.

What You'll Find

The table on the database page includes the following information about each piece when available:

  • Composer Name

  • Link to Composer Biography

  • Work Title

  • Year Composed

  • Approximate duration (listed minutes:seconds)

  • Instrumentation

  • Recording Link

  • Composer Website

  • Publisher

  • Direct Purchase Link or Contact Information

  • Composer Contact Information

If you have repertoire suggestions, please send them via the contact page and include as much of the information in the categories listed above as possible.

Thank you for your interest and your support of diversifying the clarinet repertoire!

-Maggie and Anoushka

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